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Veolia Westminster awarded Gold Leaf

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The team at Veolia Westminster have generously supported all our Fayres for the past 3 years. Through providing free bins, rubbish collections and staff to keep the fayres clean and tidy they have helped us to save thousands of pounds.

To say thank you for their generosity, we have awarded them a Gold Leaf on our giving tree. The Gold Leaf recognises donations over and above £5,000.

Tom Elmer, whose father in law was cared for by the Hospice, leads Veolia’s support of St John’s. He said “we are very happy to help in anyway we can and thank you very much for the leaf”.

Through helping the Hospice to save money, Veolia have helped ensure that all profit from our Fayres directly supports the 3000 patients and their families who we help every year.

If you would be interested in a leaf on our Giving Tree, please do get in touch.

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